Becca Grant

Integrative Massage
This deeply nurturing treatment is dedicated entirely to what you and your body are longing for!  A wide variety of techniques are incorporated to ease tension and pain, allowing you to experience an overall sense of wellbeing! Free consultation is included!
Medical Massage
This treatment is designed to target specific problem areas of tension, pain, and/or restricted (ROM) movement.
Techniques include:
Active Isolated Stretching (AIS);
Trigger Point,
and Neuromuscular Therapies
Medical Massage 30
An abbreviated treatment to targeting a specific area of pain, stiffness, or tension.
Tension Relief Treatment
Designed to relieve tension and promote relaxation in the areas we need it most:  Head, Neck and Shoulders!

Free consultation included for each treatment!

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Jovina Herrera

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Lila Kingfisher

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